Hi, my name is Deanna Lau-Ino and I'm an artist living in southern California. My creative experience includes design, illustration and motion design. 

It all started. . . when I was a little girl dreaming of becoming an artist and illustrating a children's book someday. Fast forward past a healthcare career, raising a family of 3 children, friends mentoring me and attending Art Center College of Design, I launched my art career. It's been a journey with many chapters, lessons learned and dreams still hoping to reach. Art is in my heart and I hope it brings you smiles and shares along the way!

My art is created using either traditional mediums, digital software or a combo of both. I also began using household cardboard packaging as medium to paint on. Just paint some gesso on that pizza box (or any other type of sturdy cardboard) and get creative. You're taking an item that would otherwise be trash and turning into an piece of art! 

Cardboard Art